Students in front of Fraser Hall

The KU Psychological Clinic


The KU Psychological Clinic is anyone including KU students, faculty and staff and all communities of Kansas and Missouri.  We serve all ages for evidence-based psychotherapy services (individual, couples) and assessment (ADHD, ASD, Learning Disorders, cognitive and psychological).  We provide tele-mental health and in-person therapy and assessment services on a sliding scale.  Our price for services will meet you where you are.

We currently have an approximate 1-2 month wait for psychotherapy services and 7 to 24 month wait for assessment depending on type requested. Wait time is longer for children and adolescents for all services requested.  

*We are moving to a temporary location from May 13th until August 16th.  The new location will be 341 Carruth O'Leary at 1246 W. Campus Rd. There is parking directly behind the building for community clients.  Our phone and email will remain the same.

Visit us in 341 Carruth O'Leary 1246 W. Campus Rd.

We are a psychology services clinic with therapy and assessment services for all ages serving the community and KU.
Fraser Hall the tallest building on campus with the flags on top
KU Psychological Clinic
Lawrence Campus
Carruth O'Leary , 341
1246 West Campus Rd.
Lawrence , Kansas 66045